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Run/Walk For Life
League of Champions

Ever wanted to represent your province? Now is your chance.

1 Cup
4 Trophies

Your team needs you

In 2020 all Run/Walk For Life athletes will be competing for the prestigious Conquerors Cup and the 4 Victor Ludorum trophies.

Run/Walk For Life has earmarked 5KM, 10KM and 21KM  races throughout the country where athletes can earn points for their RWFL club, as well as the RWFL region they are located in.

The Basics

What you need to know

  1. Athletes may participate in 5-kilometre, 10-kilometre or 21-kilometre distances at the selected races – points will be awarded, depending on the distance competed.
  2. Athletes may participate in any of the official Run/Walk For Life League of Champions races, but they will only earn points for a maximum of four races in the year.
  3. The RWFL gazebo at each of these races will have boards where participants have to sign up after the race. Points will only be allocated to members signing the Run/Walk For Life League of Champions forms on race day at the gazebo.
  4. The League is open to all RWFL programme members and RWFL Athletics Club members.
  5. Both runners and walkers may partake.

The Regions

Putting the spotlight on endangered species

Each RWFL regional team has been named after a South African species whose existence is in grave danger. Throughout the year, the Run/Walk For Life League of Champions will encourage participants to raise awareness for these animals.

Here are the four animals that will be the mascots for the four RWFL regions.

Western Cape | Eastern Cape | Northern Cape
Mascot: The Cape vulture 

KwaZulu-Natal | Mpumalanga | Free State 
Mascot: The pangolin 

South and Central Gauteng 
Mascot: Riverine rabbits

Northern Gauteng | Limpopo | North West 
Mascot: Wild dogs

The points

every participant counts


Athletes can earn the following points for their branch by participating in the official league races:

5km – 1 point | 10km – 2 points | 21 / 42km – 3 points

The totals for each branch will be calculated after each race. In order to allow smaller branches to fairly compete with the larger branches, a handicap system will then be used to level the playing field.

The total number of points earned by a branch at a league race will be multiplied by the percentage of total members at a branch who actually competed at the race.


Athletes will earn the following points for their region by participating in the official league races:

5km – 1 point | 10km – 2 points | 21 / 42km – 3 points

Points for podium positions – OPEN CATEGORY (Both men and women)

1st place – 25 points | 2nd place – 20 points | 3rd place – 15 points

Age categories/winners

1st place – 15 points | 2nd place – 10 points | 3rd place – 5 points

As to ensure that each region has a fair chance of winning, a handicap system will be used to facilitate this. The total points collected by each region will be divided by the number of branches in the region.

League Races

2 Feb: Bobbies
26 Apr: Robor Scaffolding Midrand Striders

23 Aug: Midrand Striders
08 Nov: PPS Alberton

01 May: Wally Hayward
11 Jul: Springbok Vasbyt
29 Aug: Spirit of Flight
31 Oct: CSI Irene Farm Race

01 Feb: Izimbiwa
27 Apr: Bethal
23 Jun: Highveld Mall Ice Breaker, Witbank
29 Aug: MHS Spring Run

01 Feb: Vodacom Meerkat Marathon
07 Mar: 20th Diamond Marathon
25 Jul: RWFL Sun Flamingo 777
22 Aug: Bright Blue Half Marathon

25 Apr: Oorie Berg Half Marathon
18 Jul: Gamtoos Farm Run
24 Oct: Farm Run
31 Oct: Kirkwood Orchard Run

23 Feb: KZN Capital City Marathon
16 Aug: Spar Women’s Race
30 Aug: Mandela Marathon
25 Oct: Sapphire Coast Marathon

23 Feb: Slave Route Challenge
01 May: Safari Half Marathon
02 Sep: Medihelp Tekkie Challenge
20 Sep: Gun Run

29 Feb: Uniwisp Fast 5-in-1
25 Apr: Sudwala Monster            
23 May: RWFL Croc Valley 3-in-1      
4 July: Hall’s Half Marathon       

01 May: Wally Hayward
16 May: Bojanala Half Marathon
Aug: Konka Farm Run
15 Aug: Keystone Mountain Race

01 Feb: Sasol Marathon           
01 Mar: Cape Gate Vaal Marathon           
06 Aug: Rand Water Vaal River City Marathon 
24 Oct: Polifilm Marathon                

09 Feb: Kloppers Marathon
07 Mar: SWASAP Ultra
Sept: Webbers & Vic Theron Spring Run
14 Nov: OFM Music Marathon

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